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Kathryn Jeffries

Kathryn Jeffries, Co-Founder, and Board Member of the Human Trafficking Justice & Freedom International organization (HTJFI), has demonstrated extraordinary management and leadership skills as evidenced by accomplishing organizational growth for organizations that serve youth and families in crisis for over 25 years. Kathy is dedicated to serving those in crisis and in need; she has provided meaningful, thoughtful, and mission-driven service through research, acquiring needed funding, and initiating needed programs.  

Co-Founder & Board Member

Kathy is experienced in working with many survivors of Human Sex Trafficking;  she has seen firsthand the trauma placed on the victims and helped them through outreach, expanded services and an understanding of what it means to be victimized. The services offered through HTJFI will include our vital partnerships with attorneys offering assistance on a pro-bono and/or  low fee basis as these survivors face outcomes through what is normally many years of abuse. We encourage them and provide the skills to step forward, achieve independence, overcome legal charges and possibly obtain custody of the children who may have been taken into the foster care system. Legal fees and support services will be provided by HTFJI. 


Kathy believes in using God given skills to develop new income sources to establish and sustain sustainability for our organization's multi-programs which depend on community, civic local government, state and foundation grant support. 


Your support of the Human Trafficking Justice & Freedom International organization is greatly appreciated! " 

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