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Human Trafficking

A Trauma-Informed Approach To Legal Representation Of Human Trafficking Survivors

We believe all survivors deserve an equal chance at justice, in the courtroom.

The Human Trafficking Justice and Freedom International Pro Bono and Low Bono Programs made available through generous donations & grants, provide crucial training to law school students and lawyers free of charge. Human Trafficking is offered in Chesapeake, Virginia, to introduce human trafficking and offer survivors a trauma-informed approach to legal representation of human trafficking survivors. Many of these cases are complex, and the survivor’s chance of success dramatically increases when an attorney is trained to represent them. HTJFI provides survivors pro bono opportunities, including:

Child Custody
Civil Protection Orders
Criminal Defense
Expungement of Records
Name Change
Victims Witness
And More

Next Human Trafficking Training TBA

Legal Anti- Trafficking Support Group

The Legal Anti-Trafficking Support Group is a monthly phone conference where attorneys and legal service providers can ask questions and share experiences handling human trafficking cases. This is also an opportunity to get technical assistance from legal professionals across the country at no cost. As an added benefit, you will have access to updates on anti-trafficking legal and policy issues. The call is on the first Friday of each month.

Request HT Training Or Speaker

Human Trafficking Justice and Freedom International also ask leaders from bar associations to provide us with an opportunity to speak at your bar association events to share our organization’s vision with your members and to invite them to participate in upcoming training or become a part of our legal anti-trafficking support group.

Pro Bono Legal Counsel

HTJFI provides training for pro bono attorneys to assist victims of human trafficking. We offer introductory and advanced training on crime victims’ rights, civil protection orders, the expungement process, and understanding traumas’ impact on your client. We will introduce you to the needs and opportunities at HTJFI and how to represent sex trafficking and labor trafficking survivors in a trauma-informed way.

Law Enforcement

Our presentation aims to assist law enforcement officers and agencies working with human trafficking. These training can be specialized or include topics such as the definition of Human Trafficking, indicators to look for, and report protocols. We also teach officers how to use a trauma-informed approach for working with a survivor, the federal statutes, and applicable state law related to human trafficking for their city and state. 

Outreach Training

Are you hosting a community or church event? Our team is available to attend community outreach events, educate the community on the laws of your state regarding human trafficking, and provide resources that discuss the legal services available to survivors through Human Trafficking Justice and Freedom International.

Online Training Resources

Health Care

Health Care Workers: Recognize and respond to human trafficking in a healthcare context. Clicking on the button will take you to another site.


Learn about HT and its impact on your school and students. This will equip you as an educator to spot indicators and provide recommendations. It will discuss risk factors that make students susceptible to exploitation and how to prevent it. Clicking on the button will take you to another site 


Learn how to discuss trafficking with your children before someone-or television does it for you. With 300,000 children at risk for sexual exploitation, this training can play a significant role in prevention and intervention that will equip your child with accurate information.

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